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Eleni Balerba was born in Athens, near the sea. As a child, she used to spend her holidays on the beach where she started to embellish her own swimsuits with little stones, shells and seaweed she found around her, and sooner all her friends wanted her to do the same for them.
Later on, she met captain Elias Pipinos, they married and together they embarked on and adventure all over Greek Islands with a typical greek boat, named Les enfants de Pirée. Many visitors had the opportunity to discover this amazing country guided by Eleni and Elias.
In the meantime Eleni was still forging her creative skills as she used to manufacture during the trip unique pieces for all the passengers carried on their boat.
Eleni and Elias decided to follow different paths and one day, looking back at some pictures from her childhood, in 1997, she decided to convert her creative mind into Selini Action.
She continued traveling every summer looking for inspiration in the colors of the sea, the wonderful sunsets, the olive fields and the flowers, as well as searching into Greek bazari, delighted by thes richness of the ambience.
From the beginning, she knew she wanted to keep the process handcrafted and she thought it would be a good opportunity to help women from “neighbors in difficulties” by employing them. These women are in charge of embroidery, sewing beads, pailletes, crochet and all the details that make Selini Action so unique.
Now she continues still directing the brand with the same originality that made her stand out from the beginning.

— Founder and designer

Our Products

All of our swimsuits and accessories are designed exclusively by Eleni Balerba, founder and designer of Selini Action.

Every single swimsuit is handmade in Greece and includes the best quality materials to achieve the perfect results the brand is always seeking. We invite you to discover our very own products and our new collection, featuring unique swimsuits, swim trucks, tailored accessories & much more.